Sales Logistics
Services for General Motors Dealers
  • Sales Logistics will bring organization and control to all of your administrative sales functions for little or no expense to your bottom line!

  • Does your Sales Manager have the time each week to properly plan, build and submit your vehicle orders?

  • Is a sufficient amount of time taken to configure these units based upon current inventory, past sales, market trends and seasonal factors?

  • Are available applications such as DART used to determine what's selling at your dealership and your DMA before orders are placed for your weekly DOSP?

  • Do you have a significant amount of "overaged" inventory, excess inventory or misconfigured units that are adversly affecting your floorplan expense?

Sales Logistics can manage your entire vehicle order management process so your Sales Managers can focus on what they do best...motivate salespeople and close deals!

  • Is your sales team utilizing all of General Motors' incentive offerings, and applying them properly to each deal?

  • Is your CDR operator submitting and collecting all available incentives?

  • Will all the documentation in each deal jacket pass a GM sales incentive audit?

  • Are you protecting against fraud in your dealership?

Sometimes General Motors incentives can be confusing and difficult to manage.  Sales Logistics will organize and coach your staff so that costly incentive errors and incentive audit chargebacks can be reduced or eliminated.